Karolina Michałkiewicz-Kasina

Założycielka Lumè design studio

I am an interior designer by education and experience.
In interior design, I combine my experience and knowledge with a passion for art. What I like most about my work is contact with people, because every interior I design is a story about someone's dreams. Privately, a Cracovian and mountain lover. I found my feminine strength as a mother and this role teaches me humility.

In interior design, space, light and detail matter to me. However, the greatest value in my work is people and the quality space created for them. 

In interiors, I like harmony and subdued elegance. I see beauty in simplicity, unobtrusive colors, natural materials and craftsmanship. I love art in all its forms. I respect and admire the timeless design. I design by mixing styles and listening to the tastes and needs of my clients. Being an interior designer is a challenge, but also a great joy.